DIY 3D Mani

As you know I’m always juggling work and kids. I didn’t have time to get a manicure before an event, so while Rex was playing with his toy choo choos, I gave myself this 3D manicure. It only took 20 minutes, and the response has been insane. My nails practically stole the show at my event.

Nail stickers aren’t new, but these Elegant Touch 3D Nail designs are one of my favorites. They’ll last you a week, they’re easy to apply and even easier to remove (I just peeled mine off). Here’s how to DIY.

Click here to see more examples of nail stickers.



Step 2: Fit, Stick, File
The wraps come in an assortment of sizes. Choose the sticker that best fits the nail and place the curved side along the edge of your cuticle. Adhere to the entire nail, pressing firmly. If any creases occur, smooth them out with your finger. TIP: I've found the best way to remove the excess sticker is to pull it taught, and then pull down so the wrap is facing downward. Then take the file and file vertically along the tip of the nail. The leftover material comes off easily.

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