This Design Idea Will Transform A Space

Posted on Nov. 19, 2013


Everyone has an area in their living space that stumps them. What do you put in that corner, on that awkward wall, etc. My husband and I were faced with an eyesore in our basement. We loved how much light came through the windows, but we despised the view. The concrete wall was uninspiring and drab. Since our children spend so much time playing in the basement, we wanted to give them a setting that made them feel happy and creative. So, we turned this slab into art.


We commissioned a student from the Art Institute to do a painting incorporating meaningful images (bee, wave, flower, moon) to our family and colors that speak to us. This is now one of my favorite parts of my home. It's unexpected and personal. Check out the before and after.

Do you have troublesome spaces in your home that you've spruced up? Share your photos!

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